Artist Mentoring Program

What is an artist mentor?

A one-on-one/artist-to-artist relationship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of an artist. A mentor provides a source of knowledge, guidance and support, focusing on strengthening an artist’s skills. Choosing to work with a mentor can advance an artist’s journey with the guidance in overcoming the challenges in achieving their goals.

Are you looking for an instructor or a mentor?

In my experience there’s a big difference between the two.

Instructors vs. Mentors

Instructors are artists that teach. If you’re looking for an instructor, focus on a workshop that offers a specific set of skills (such as color mixing or figure drawing).

When choosing which workshops to take consider an instructor's style. Look specifically for techniques in the instructor’s work that you’d like to learn or seek out an instructor whose art and technique you admire and enroll in a course that addresses the technique you’re hoping to master.

Workshops are an invaluable resource to artists. They offer first hand knowledge of process, tools, materials and demonstrations by other artists imparting new techniques leading you from one level of proficiency to the next.

Instructors broaden your skills, explore different media, or find new inspiration without any sort of larger directional change in your art. If you’re just looking to master a skill or to inject a little artistic energy into your work, you will probably benefit greatly just from a workshop with a new instructor.

If Instruction is not what you are looking for, you may be looking for a mentor. Lets say you want to explore deeper into your current style or medium. A mentor can lead the way for you by imparting their collective years of working knowledge, therefore, shortening the time or years it takes to reach your goals.  An artist mentor helps guide, encourage and stimulate your desire to improve your work, honing in on your potential and helping you confidently work in the direction of your career goals. We all learn by mistakes, but having a mentor can help skip over some of those mistakes.

A mentor is not a teacher, as much as they are there for supporting, recommending, making suggestions, guidance and encouragement. A mentor helps the artist improve their artwork, target their art marketing/promotion/art business side and help further achieve their other professional art career goals.

I’ve personally found that the artist instructors who had the most to offer in terms of mentoring were those who continued to push themselves to create new art in their own careers. Mentors not only guide you much like an instructor, but they also help you determine the direction you wish to achieve from your art and work with you to plan the next steps of your artistic journey.

Mentoring Options

Phone or Skype
Per 1 Hour Session

The initial consultation is FREE: ½ hour phone conversation to discuss your needs, availability and expectations from this Service. This includes agreeing a schedule and process with me as your Mentor.

First mentoring session: (one hour phone or video chat) is designed to more specifically determine and define your goals, discuss any creative road blocks,
review your time management/workflow, review your artwork & implement a
course of action. This will also include suggestions for follow-up work together.

Subsequent mentoring sessions/communication may include:
Weekly phone call/video chats
On-going email communication and feedback
Art exercises for you to practice
Critique of artwork and on-going assessment
Time management planning
Setting goals and timelines
Creating a body of work
Developing an Artist Statement and CV/resume
Entering your artwork in exhibitions/contests, etc
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Private In-Person
Per 1 Day, 6-Hour Session
*Limited Sessions in 2018

Session will be for 1-2 students.

Prior to scheduling we will discuss needs/content that you are interested in.

All Sessions are scheduled based on availability

Class fee is per person

Additional materials fee may apply
based off of the scope of your project.
All skills levels welcome.

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Group Workshop
Multiple-Day Workshop
*Available Dates Listed Below

April 23-27, 2018
Huntersville, NC

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