Mixed Media Portrait Using Face Stencil

Nicole Austin
February 13, 2018
November 27, 2017

Hello! It's Nicole Austin (aka Kinueko) here for another Artist Gang Tuesday! I'm excited to share with you one of my most favorite "hacks" for creating a quick and easy portrait in my art journal. If you are a little unsure or nervous about creating faces in your artwork, using a face stencil is a great way to get started creating gorgeous portraits in no time! To get started, you'll need a few materials:

Collage Portrait stencil

Stabilo marks-all pencil (black)


Liquitex paint pens (variety of your favorite colors. I love to use the 15mm size for mark-making)

Oil paint sticks

White acrylic paint

Makeup sponge (for applying acrylic paint through stencil)

Art Journal

Spray ink

I hope you are inspired to create a portrait of your own! You can find more about me and my art over on my website. I also teach across the US at workshops and you can find me posting daily inspiration on Instagram.

My website: https://www.kinueko.com

Workshops: https://www.kinueko.com/workshops

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kinueko

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I am a mixed media artist, designer and instructor from San Jose, CA (currently living in Tempe, AZ).  I believe that everyone has a unique style and desire to create and that we are born curious and creative.  Over the years, many of us are discouraged from following our creative urges but I believe it is never too late to begin (or begin again!).  My art is messy, colorful, layered and fun. I have been drawn to the creative arts since I can remember.  My first canvas was every surface in my grandma’s house: the walls, the books, underneath the marble coffee table in the dining room (she didn’t find out until years later)!  These days, I love filling up pages in my art journal with bright colors and collage paper and if I can be outside on a picnic blanket in the grass--even better!  I love inspiring others and cheering them on as they (re)discover their creative voice.