Fun with Stencils with Margot Rowan

Margot Rowan
April 24, 2018
December 1, 2017

Today I explored using some of my favorite paint colors playfully and incorporating a stencil as the main focus of the expression of the painting. Keep it simple, have fun, don't get stuck in the though of anything having to be right or wrong, stay open and unattached and magically it will all come together. HAVE FUN

Choose a few of your favorite colors

Grab a canvas, I used an 8x10

Have baby wipes handy, or a rag

Some pastel pencils or stabilo pencils

Donna Downey's Live Inspired Signature Stencil

Super Heavy Gesso

Van Dyke Brown, Golden liquid paint

  1. Create your background with your favorite colors, loose brush strokes and marks, keep playing with the paint till you have a fun color expression of your colors
  2. Lay the stencil over your background and cover with a thick coat of the super heavy gesso, once that dries, pull back the stencil to reveal your raised flowers
  3. Then my favorite part is covering the finished dry piece with the van dyke brown, and then rub it in or off with the baby wipes or rag, it gives your work a lot of depth and brings it to life
  4. Take your pastels or stabilo pencil and mark the canvas in spots that could use a little more sparkle, and that is exactly what will happen, a great finishing touch
  5. You're done


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Margot Rowan is an accomplished artist specializing in abstract design. Her father was a commercial artist and oil painter, following in his foot steps she became a graphic designer after having studied art in college, where she received a minor in fine art. While abstract is her specialty, her passion to paint can also be seen in her pet portraits and representational art.

"Breaking a blank canvas with paint is exciting as you watch the evolution of how it magically reveals itself. It's  a remarkable way to show your voice, and the journey involved to be patient with the process is limitless."

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Margot is grateful to have lived in beautiful landscaped parts of North America. She left Toronto for Muskoka in Northern Ontario, to then Halifax, Nova Scotia, Vermont, Seattle and finally Colorado where she resides in Lafayette with her husband, two boys and three dogs.

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