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Tonja Sell
February 3, 2017
July 25, 2017

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I love working in a way that allows me to make creative decisions as I go.

I usually have a direction in mind when I begin a piece, but rarely do I have many details or specifics worked out: I may fall in love and respond to the gesture of a pose;  a pattern on some fabric may catch my attention, or perhaps I'm stuck with a feeling of an environment.  I allow myself freedom to explore, and the piece grows from there. I usually start either with an abstract under-painting, or with a loose gestural sketch of a subject. From there,I  add elements as I go. Each added element effects how I respond to the piece; it's a very liberating and fun way to work. It can become anything you want it to be. Experimentation is such a great way to grow creatively. Trying new things and combinations of materials sparks ideas, and leads you to new ways of looking at things and making unexpected discoveries!

I am a wife, mom of four, artist, international art teacher and explorer! I paint, draw, sculpt, do textiles and more. I LOVE experimenting and making new creative discoveries and sharing them with others! You are invited to grow with me on my journey on PatreonTonja and her husband & business partner Matthew live in rural Northern WI where they built their home/studio near Lake Superior with their four creative kids!Tonja has been represented by galleries across the country and her work is in multiple private collections internationally. Tonja is a Jane Davenport Design Team member for American Crafts and Michaels Stores.  She has been featured in Incite 3 (2015) and Incite 4 (2016) Best of Mixed Media published by Northlight Books.  Some of her public work includes murals for the Carnegie Foundation, the Minnesota Discovery Center and public sculpture for the City of Duluth. Her work has been featured in the Women Painting Women Show 2016. She and Matthew also lead International Art Tours where studentsexplore and paint with Tonja.