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Regine Dossche
June 9, 2017
May 29, 2017

PAINTING : Window to my flower garden


  • Start by tearing off the sides of the picture since it’s more beautiful to not have those straight lines in our painting.
  • Mark with a pencil where the picture will come.
  • Apply a coat of Easy Coat Mat on that part of the canvas and place the silk paper. Use a roller or credit card to press the picture into the glue so that there are no air bubbles anymore. Do this carefully.
  • Use a soft brush to apply a coat Easy Coat Mat over the picture; when there are still some bubbles left, don’t worry, the picture will stretch when dried.
  • We pour some Powertex Ivory around the picture and spread it out with your hand or Palette knife, while already creating some texture. Do not spread it out evenly.
  • Sprinkle Easy 3D flex in the still wet Powertex where you want to have more texture and mix with a palette knife ; You will get a thick paste (you can also mix Powertex and Easy 3Dflex at the side and apply this paste. This will create a beautiful effect for it forms cracks when dried. The stencil can be pressed into this paste.
  • Meanwhile the area where there is only Powertex Ivory will get dry a little; the upper layer has to form a skin, while underneath it is still wet. We spray different colored bisters on top. When using blue tones or grays , the Black Indian ink can also be used to create a more dramatic effect. Since black would have been to dominant in this painting, it has been mixed with yellow to create a beautiful green.
  • Use a heat tool or hair dryer and come close to the canvas and a craquele effect will appear. Where the Ivory was applied in a thin layer, the cracks will be tiny, while where Ivory was applied in a thicker layer
  • big cracks appear.
  • Cut strips from the Rigid Wrap, dip into medium warm water, wring out and create a nice shape around the picture. Also flowers are formed with the Rigid Wrap and added to the first layer. This dries surprisingly fast.
  • Again color bisters have been used.
  • The stencil and the sprays can be used wherever you want to have the bubbles.


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Regine Dossche is a Belgian award winning artist and Certified Powertex instructor, residing in Orlando. She started her career as a watercolor artist and continued with figure drawing and making clay sculptures. Regine is a Certified Powertex instructor and distributor for the United States. Powertex is a universal medium : with just one product it is possible to create fiber art, Mixed Media and sculptures in air dry clay for indoors and outdoors.

She loves to share her enthusiasm about this versatile product by teaching workshops at art centers in Florida, the Florida Polymer Guild, Gourd Societies. She also conducted workshops in Texas, Guadeloupe, North Carolina and Arizona. Her work has been exhibited in several art galleries. She is also looking for art supplies stores, scrapbook stores or artists to become Powertex instructors and to sell the product.

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