Find Out Fridays with Denise Alloca

Denise Alloca
January 20, 2017
July 27, 2017

In Addition to what I received for supplies, I added

  • Journal mixed media page
  • tissue paper, soft gel (matte)
  • brush, flat brush for applying the medium, and brushes number 4 and 2 for mixed media
  • colors, I used Golden acrylics in Open, but any acrylics will do : Cerulian blue, Anthraquinone blue or Ultramarine blue, Paynes Gray, Red, Hansa Yellow, orange yellow, Violet, Viridian green
  • Deli Paper or tissue paper, spatula or credit card
  • Scisors or press that cuts shapes in circles, butterflies or hearts
  • Portrait from a magazine

Supplies Used...

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With a passion for art from an early age, I turned my driving interest in art to a career in photography and later art education. Through my diverse exposure to various art forms, I found my way to mixed media art, where I currently can be found showcasing my work on my blog at   Everyday is an art adventure, and I can’t wait to get my hands full of paint. My creations can be found on my Etsy store, and you can also follow me on Instagram, @denisealloca. Currently I am a part of the Jessica Sporn Designs Creative Team, continuing my passion for creative play.

I am looking forward to what the creative future has in store as I continue on this journey!