Find Out Friday with Sunny Carvalho

Sunny Carvalho
June 2, 2017
May 29, 2017

Teaching Schedule:

August 25-26, 2107  Ephemera Paducah - Paducah, KY

October 12-15, 2017    NW Country Art Retreats  - Enumclaw, WA

October 27-29  The Barn at 500 East Street - Springboro, OH

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Sunny Carvalho is a mixed media artist living in Pinson, Alabama amid the chaos of too many art supplies.  Focusing on functional yet whimsical ceramic ware, hand-sculpted ceramic pendants, freehand stitched characters and mixed media paintings, her quirky characters have found their way into many of the mixed media magazines and books.  With an emphasis on the joy of everyday living, her work reflects the humor and oddity of the unique characters residing in her head as they deal with pets, situations and with each other.  She began her mixed media career as an instructor with Artfest (a groundbreaking retreat near Seattle that launched the careers of many internationally known artists and which had its final retreat in 2012) and currently teaches with Art is You (Petaluma, and Benecia, CA, Nashville, Memphis, Minneapolis), and Art Unraveled (Phoenix), as well as various individual studios across the United States.  According to her husband, she lives in a world where everything is happy and squirrels iron her pants.