Announcing Find Out Fridays

donna downey
September 1, 2016
August 10, 2017

Have you ever seen the show “Chopped” on the Food Network? Well, this is the version for artists! Each week, top artists from around the world will receive a random box of art supplies and will create a unique piece using ALL of the materials in the box. Each video will feature incredible artists showcasing diverse styles, medias, and perspectives. New videos will be posted every Friday.

Here's How It Works:

  • ‍Each month we will send 4/5 of our participating “Find Out Friday” Artist a box containing the same exact supplies.
  • ‍The Artists will NOT know who each other are and they will NOT know what they are receiving in the box until they open it.
  • ‍The Artists will record themselves creating an original piece of art using EVERYTHING in the box, (If you have ever watched the show Chopped on the Food Network, this is a similar idea!) as well as, any other supplies they wish to use. 
  • ‍Each Friday beginning September 2, 2016 here on my blog & the Find Out Friday YouTube channel we will release a new video of an artist working with that months box of supplies.

THIS WILL NOT BE A CONTEST, there will be no voting...just different perspectives in using the same products.

BEST of ALL, this weekly collaboration will be totally FREE!

Each Artist will graciously be sharing their time and artistry with you as a means of inspiration and empowerment.

We hope that as they share with you new perspectives that you also discover a broader Artistic community to follow and learn from.

Supplies Used...

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Donna Downey is a New Jersey native now living and working out of her studio in Huntersville, NC. As a painter, bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force, she is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected elements into meaningful pieces of self-expression. A former elementary school teacher, she has synthesized her love of teaching with her passion for art and brings this to women via workshops and events around the world. Donna is consistently on the leading edge of taking risks that push the creative envelope and empowering others to do the same with their art. Her work can be found in private and public collections around the world.