Paint your own Blooming Book Cover

Anna Bartlett
February 6, 2018
November 28, 2017

Every three months I start a new 'planning scrapbook' for my art and business planning. 

Some of my Planning Scrapbooks - each one has a different artwork on the covers

As a visual person, and a full time artist, I decorate each cover with experimental artwork... it helps me remember which one's which and what I was doing when.

For this project I've used my favourite 'Cool Primaries' in artist-quality acrylics.

Artist quality paints are a joy to use :)

This quarter's cover is a multi-layered floral, and uses two of Donna Downey's dot stencils. Oh, and includes a little bit of gold leaf bling.

Imitation gold leaf and lettering stamps


Perhaps you'll start looking at your blank book covers a little differently now ;) 

The finished cover art

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Scrap Book or other substrate 

Atelier Free Flow Acrylic Paints - Quinacridone Magenta, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Titanium White  

Donna Downey "GRUNGE HALFTONE DOTS" Signature Stencil 

Donna Downey "PEBBLE DOTS" Signature Stencil 


Imitation Gold Leaf 

Gold Size 

Craft Glue 

Kitchen sponge and shaped makeup sponges 

Letter stamps

Painted collage paper 

Paper Palette

Supplies Used...

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Hi, I'm Anna - an artist, author, teacher and mum from Toowoomba, Queensland (the Sunshine State of Australia).

I've always love to paint and draw but have been sidetracked by lots of other things over the years: accounting, marketing, travelling... even a 12 month stint in the Army!

These days I'm working full time in my business, Shiny Happy Art, which offers Drawing, Painting and Lettering Workshops as well as Acrylic and Watercolour Paint Alongs in person and online. It's a very happy space and my wonderful little team is growing so we now offer sessions for both adults and children. I even hosted my first 'Art Holiday' on Norfolk Island in October 2017 and we're planning to go back in 2018.

My book, Painting Party, was published by North Light Books in May 2015 and it's almost time for a follow up, I'm thinking!

I always start my sessions with a 'Positivity Pep Talk' and encourage you to stay positive and relaxed, realise "it's not finished until it's finished" and if you do follow along with me, aim for "similar but different" because it's important that your uniqueness shines through.

OK, let's get our hands in some paint...