"Mixed-Media Canvas"

Aga Baraniak
December 4, 2017
December 5, 2017

All month long we have been featuring the incredible artistry of our New Curator Aga Baraniak. I encourage to to spend some time to get to know Aga, Feel free to ask her questions directly, follow her on social media and even make requests for future tutorials. Aga, as all of our Curators are here for you and look forward to interacting with you on a regular basis!

I would love it if you reached out to Aga today and said hi by clicking on her image below you will see all of her social media and contact information!

Thank You Aga for an incredible month of tutorials!

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Hello.My name is Aga. I am 34 years old and I am a happy wife and mother of two kids. I work and create with passion which charges my batteries:) I am a big fan of old dusty books, dark movies, art journaling and mixmedia.

I admire Beksiński  and adore poems of Herbert. I love old photos, houses with vintage soul and history. I love smell of new books and story of old ones...I love to create my

vintage art journal with a lot of metal elements. This is my

life! I adore stencil and stamps! I love to create their own background with them.

When I have an idea, I must immediately realize it.

I think I'm a vintage soul, but I love painting sweet flowers with watercolors.

My motto in life: creativity needs courage!