Renata Loree

I am originally from Czechoslovakia. I always wanted to be an artist or at least have a creative carrier. But before I could make that decision, I escaped the country when I was only 18. It was not easy surviving on my own in a different country, but to me it seamed at the time as one big adventure. No matter what I ended up doing to support myself, I always found some time to paint. I learned by copping classical paintings, and the ones that included a female figure were my favorite. I became a mom when I was 31 and I raised my son on my own being a computer aided drafter. At the time it payed well, and at least I could justify my love for mathematics and drawing lines, But about 8 years into that, I had enough and decided to become a yoga teacher. That position took me on a completely different journey of self discovery, and after my son left my house to live with his dad, I finally decide that this is a good opportunity to pick up my brush again in a more serious way and start painting more consistently.  I took any class available that resonated with me, there were so many wonderful classes, and eventually, I was able to find my own voice. I started to realize what I gravitated towards and tried to support it more, and also started to realize that maybe some things I can admire, but they my not be my style. I could also see that some things will just improve in time. I also thought that maybe it is good that I have become an artist later on in life, because I have so much more to thank to for inspiration.

Through my carrier of teaching yoga and seeing my own journey how I learned to paint and continue to learn, I am constantly trying to find ways to help others to do so. It is another completely different experience, and I am feeling very blessed to be able to share it.

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