Margot Rowan

Margot Rowan is an accomplished artist specializing in abstract design. Her father was a commercial artist and oil painter, following in his foot steps she became a graphic designer after having studied art in college, where she received a minor in fine art. While abstract is her specialty, her passion to paint can also be seen in her pet portraits and representational art.

"Breaking a blank canvas with paint is exciting as you watch the evolution of how it magically reveals itself. It's  a remarkable way to show your voice, and the journey involved to be patient with the process is limitless."

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Margot is grateful to have lived in beautiful landscaped parts of North America. She left Toronto for Muskoka in Northern Ontario, to then Halifax, Nova Scotia, Vermont, Seattle and finally Colorado where she resides in Lafayette with her husband, two boys and three dogs.

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