Lynn Whipple

I was born and raised in beautiful Winter Park, Florida, where I spent most of my time outdoors climbing trees, having fun with my sisters and friends and making things with my hands. I grew up surrounded our many pets, tons of books, art and music. I always thought I would be an artist, just like my mother and beloved grandfather. I worked for many years in the Art Department at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Florida. I was an art director, prop master, scenic painter and set decorator, all of which were the best jobs imaginable, other than making my own art work. :) The thing that I am most excited about at the moment is our new floating dock-outdoor studio. YAY!When I am not making art and traveling to art shows, I LOVE to teach workshops, both in person and online. Being a part of a like minded community is such a great joy, from the inspiration we share to the big hearted support of each other.  I am honored to have my online classes with the amazing Carla Sonheim Presents. Check out my classes here For Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting Please visit my website at

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