Junelle Jacobsen

Junelle Jacobsen, a small-town girl that loves daily adventure.  She is smitten with God (a bit of a nun-in-disguise), a wife & mother to all boys-men, a fresh and playful artist, a passionate photographer, and a shepherdess that loves the littlest of lambs.  She is just as comfortable feeding and herding sheep in the rugged fields as she is painting in studios around the world -- life is full of colorful and divine adventures!   A life-long visual artist her current works bring photography, art journaling, poetry, acrylic, pen & ink together: colorful layered collages of twigs and blooms from summer gardens, armfuls of fresh produce from Farmer’s Markets, old pioneer homes and barns, aprons and skirts flying in spring breezes and of course the lambs and sheep from the blessed barnyard. She has a love of hope-filled messages for all of us that bring many to her website seeking new inspiration and mentoring.  Invested in her creative life, her studio is filled with equal measures of nature's gifts and fresh new sketches.

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