Annie Lockhart

I was raised in Texas, just outside of Houston, and now divide my time between my tiny town in Missouri, and my sweet island home off the coast of Texas! (TexMo!).  I've worn many hats during my creative adventures...interior design, catering weddings, painting, & mixed media of every kind! I had a darling flower shop that grew into a gourmet food biz, that then expanded into a funky antiques store that included an eatery! (Mabel Annie's) It was featured in Romantic Homes and a couple of Country magazines! I've written a book about my assemblages and process, (Objects of Reflection....a soulful journey through assemblage) and, have had articles in Somerset and several of their other publications. It's all been a wild and fun adventure!I've been painting forever, but in 2011 I jumped in with such passion and soul that I've never looked back! It has completely captivated me forever! I take an intuitive, engaging, soulful, and free-flowing approach in whatever I'm creating. I couldn't do it any other way!  The connections with other creatives has  brought me so much joy! Facilitating and teaching my workshops and retreats across the country has been such a gift! I'm pretty sure it's my favorite part of this creative journey I've been on....the community of artists, and friendships that I've made. Priceless! When I'm not painting or teaching, you can find me traveling about, or junking for that must have 'find', or even lounging about the beach with my family. I love photography, too!

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